American Gymnast carries two different brands of Uneven Bar Dowel Gymnastics Grips for girls that have the regular width palm on the grip.  The Reisport Uneven Bar Grips and the English Bulldog Uneven Bar Grips are almost identical in the shape of the grip and both brands are offered with either the Velcro closure or Double-Buckle closure.  They both have two finger holes and the same size leather-wrapped dowel.

The palm on both of these brands of grips is cut straight down, not tapering at all in the middle like you see on the Narrow width style of Gymnastics Dowel Grips.  The main difference between the Reisport and English Bulldog Grips is where they are manufactured.  Reisport Gymnastics Grips are manufactured with a white leather in Switzerland and then imported into the USA.  The English Bulldog Uneven Bar Grips are manufactured with a bluish-grey leather here in the United States.

Reisport Uneven Bar Grips are the best-selling brand of gymnastics grips on the web site.  The English Bulldog grips are also very popular and are our next best selling brand.