Here is the American Gymnast 3-step approach to determining the correct size gymnastics grips for your gymnast.

Step 1: Decide if you need Palm Grips or Dowel Grips.  (If you need help in determining this, please see our Video on Choosing Palm Grips versus Dowel Grips)

Step 2: Using a ruler or tape measure, measure your hand in inches according to the following:

Step 2a: If purchasing Beginner Palm Gymnastics Grips

–       Measure from the BASE of the palm to the BASE of the fingers.  Palm grips are worn at the base of the fingers, so you only need to measure the palm of the hand that is being covered by the grips.

Step 2b: If purchasing Dowel Gymnastics Grips

–       Measure from the BASE of the palm (where the wrist and palm meet) to the TIP of the middle finger.  Dowel Grips are worn between the last two knuckles on your fingers

Step 3: Refer to the Sizing Chart listed on the product page for the particular style and brand of grips you are purchasing.  Each grip manufacturer uses a slightly different sizing chart, so be sure to look at the sizing chart for that pair of grips you are purchasing.  Choose the size that corresponds to your measurement in inches.

If your measurement falls right in-between two sizes, we generally recommend you select the smaller size.  Because the grips are made of leather, they will stretch over time with use.  When the grips become too long it becomes more difficult for the gymnast to hang on the bar or rings as tightly, and the leather will also get thinner with more and more use.  Therefore, it is extremely important to immediately replace worn or over-stretched grips when you first notice it.

Disclaimer: Each manufacturer’s sizing chart is an approximate guide and does not guarantee a safe or perfect fit. The gymnast and his/her coach must decide on the appropriate size by evaluating the actual grip once it is on the gymnast’s hand. There are dimensions to the hand that cannot be taken into account with a flat measurement, such as the position on the wrist where the gymnast might decide to wear the wristband. Only the gymnast and his/her coach can make the proper judgment as to the correct size for any gymnast. American Gymnast will not be held liable for failure and/or injury due to the use of an incorrectly sized grip. The coach and the gymnast must take final responsibility as to the fitness of a particular size. Improper fitting grips that have not been used may be exchanged for proper size.