Reisport Uneven Bar Gymnastics GripsWe have a lot of customers that are waiting on their Reisport Gymnastics Grips, so I wanted to give a quick update.  We (as well as most all the other Reisport distributors) have been awaiting the next Reisport shipment from Switzerland for a couple of weeks now.  The grips were finally scheduled to ship last Friday (4/16/10), but as most of you are probably aware, the ash cloud created by the volcano in Iceland grounded outbound flights from Europe.  Here is an excerpt of the message we received from our Reisport supplier this past Friday:


I was confident that nothing short of a volcano would stop the shipment that was scheduled to leave today.  Alas, a volcano would stop this shipment.  The volcano in Iceland has grounded planes in Europe.  Reisport is hoping they will be flying by the middle of next week.


We recognize that we are in the final weeks of the competitive season and how important having grips (and back-up grips!) are to our customers.  We are hopeful that the Reisport shipment will be able to take off from Europe this week and that we can begin shipping all of our Reisport backorders by Tuesday (4/27) or Wednesday (4/28).

We appreciate your patience!

Jay Thornton

American Gymnast