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Tuck Jump 1

As on the floor the tuck jump on the beam is described as bringing the knees horizontal or higher at peak height. Taking off and landing is performed with one foot slightly in front of the other. As the gymnasts get better they can kick out after reaching the peak height of the tuck.

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Tuck Kasamatsu Common Mistake

Sometimes gymnasts that are beginning to learn Kasamatsu or Tsukahara type vaults may get confused and go for a landing on the knees instead of the feet. This is a serious mistake that can cause a knee injury on a hard surface. Before the gymnasts try on a regular vaulting surface or even on resi mats over the pit, they must demonstrate a consistent ability to land feet first in loose foam.

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Back Handspring Two Feet Back Tuck Dismount

This is a fair example of back handspring landing on two feet to a back tuck dismount. Gymnasts must know how to perform the combination on floor, and also how to perform a beam standing back handspring to two feet and rebound. The combination is trained first on a low beam with folded mats on the sides, and the apparatus end pointing to a loose foam pit.

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Arabian Double Tuck

The arabian double requires a strong thrust of the knees and hips up to the ceiling during the setup to create a fast rotating motion. Before attempting this powerful skill on the floor besides knowing the regular arabian tuck the gymnast must be familiar with double front progressions on the pit using spring board or minitramps. Bringing the knees up but failing to do the same with the hips produces a slower rotation.

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Arabian Double Tuck Front View

These are front views of arabian double fronts. There are some technical basic round off back handspring mistakes such as not keeping a straighter forward motion toward the round off, arms bent on the back handspring, and open cowboy tuck position on the arabian. Some other basics are fine and the tumbling speed and power are very good.

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