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Kasamatsu Full

To perform the Kasamatsu Full, the gymnast should already know a Kasamatsu. The gymnast can practice different drills and train the skill to a loose foam pit until he is able to consistently complete a 360 degree twist. The gymnast can progressively add mats on the pit as he gets better.

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Kasamatsu Full – Cruise Action Example

To perform Kasamatsu vaults, the gymnasts do not execute a complete round-off over the table. Instead, they should repulse the table sideways and continue twisting. Observe in this slow motion example how the gymnast leaves the table sideways. By the time he stands up vertically, he is already facing away from the table.

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Slow Motion Kasamatsu Full and Full and a Half

Successful vaults come from mastering certain vaulting components along with personal power. These components are running, the hurdle, board contact, a first flying phase, table repulsion, and a second flying phase. Lack of power or poor technique in any of these vaulting components can result in costly mistakes.

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Tuck Kasamatsu Common Mistake

Sometimes gymnasts that are beginning to learn Kasamatsu or Tsukahara type vaults may get confused and go for a landing on the knees instead of the feet. This is a serious mistake that can cause a knee injury on a hard surface. Before the gymnasts try on a regular vaulting surface or even on resi mats over the pit, they must demonstrate a consistent ability to land feet first in loose foam.

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Floor Kasamatsu Drill Over Folded Mat

This drill is one of the simplest introductory approaches to Kasamatsu vaults for those gymnasts that already know the Tsukahara. Gymnasts who twist in the opposite direction of the round-off should practice different drills than this one. The hands are placed down one at a time. The gymnast pushes off the floor with the second hand to create a flying phase high enough to clear the folded mat.

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