The arabian double requires a strong thrust of the knees and hips up to the ceiling during the setup to create a fast rotating motion. Before attempting this powerful skill on the floor besides knowing the regular arabian tuck the gymnast must be familiar with double front progressions on the pit using spring board or minitramps. Bringing the knees up but failing to do the same with the hips produces a slower rotation/. /This gymnast round offs left and twists right though he still makes a fair arabian double the skill is easier to set up with a round off left and arabian twist left round off right arabian twist right. The amount of set up blocking is related to the tumbling horizontal speed. Too much blocking for a slow speed hurts the somersault rotation. Weak hips up can also cause under rotation as mentioned before and a poor tuck position hurts the skill rotation too/. /This example has better blocking hips up action and a little closer tuck position/. Gymnasts usually warm up the arabian double with slightly over rotated single arabians. Proper basics progressions and careful air sense training are very important for safe timers or for bailing out of skills problems/. /This is another powerful arabian double tuck example/ observe in slow motion how the arm on the twisting side drops early during the set up to create the twist. This gymnast shows a very peculiar arabian double tuck grabbing position with one hand on the hamstring and the other on the knee.