What’s better than a standard lachè from bar to bar? Take the bar with you through flight and land it in a small cup! Yes, sounds awesome and it truly is. This obstacle could possibly be the most fun to ever enter the world of Ninja. Is it hard? Yes it’s quite difficult but the good news is we make a flying bar trainer to prepare your Ninjas for the big boy. The flying bar is great for coordination, body control and learning the art of the tap. Our flying bar allows for the plates with cups to be adjusted along the rails that in which it mounts. The actual cups are comprised of a super durable polyurethane and can be seen HERE. So this gives you the ability to create small or large gaps between each. We highly recommend using our lightweight carbon fiber bar for this obstacle. Carbon Fiber Bars are sold separately and can be found HERE

The Flying Bar may be designed to attach to our Steel mounting rails or we can make them to attach to your existing trussing piece.

See the flying bar in action