The 10ft Grappler offers an exciting way to work out and features a lot of our favorite strength training obstacles packed in a very small space. Many people find that they dread going to the gym mainly due to the monotony or they have simply hit a plateau and aren’t sure where to go with their training. Obstacle training offers something fun and a little different to the traditional workouts. There are literally thousands of different circuits that can be created with the arrangement of the obstacles. These circuits can be turned in to timed or rep challenges with friends which will definitely increase the motivation.

The Package Includes:

–> 6ft x 10ft Frame Section
–> (2) Katana Frame Crossbar 2″ x 2″ x 6′
–> Floating Salmon Ladder With Tether System
–> Katana Frame Cliffhanger Side Mount Obstacle
–> THe Revolver
–> The Wishbone
–> Ring and Peg Obstacle, No Incline
–> 4.5 in Bomb Pair
–> 3.5 in Bomb Pair
–> 2.5 in Bomb Pair
–> 6 in Bomb Pair
–> (2) 1in Progression Ring
–> Nunchucks 2 Pair
–> Missiles 2 Pair
–> 16 Slings for Hanging

For more info and ideas on how these obstacles can be used, feel free to call or email us!

**Matting and Padding Sold Separately

Footprint: 6′ 8 ” x 10′ 8″