The American Gymnast Junior Balance Beam is designed for home or gym use, and is perfect for beginner to intermediate level gymnasts wanting to perform turns, jumps, leaps, front & back walkovers, cartwheels, etc.  You may see other Junior Balance Beams covered in different material, but American Gymnast recommends only using a suede surface because of it ‘s superior quality and it being identical to that of a competitive balance beam. 

The unique center leg provides support in case Dad or Big Brother decide to jump on.

  • Wood core construction
  • Working surface has 1/4″ (.6cm) padding, with competition suede-like cover
  • Top of beam is 5-1/2″ (14cm) high
  • Beam rests on wooden feet
  • Beam width is 4″ (10cm)
  • Beam length is 8′
  • Unique center leg provides additional support and stability not found in other models

Suggested weight limit on this product is 85 lbs

Tumbling mat recommended for safety.

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