The Katana Frame Circular Steel Crossbar, transforms our standard crossbar into a Lechè bar, providing the athlete the ability to swing and release. String several in a row within a frame section to create a more high flying, Parkour type experience.

The circular cross bar can be done several ways:

Top of the Frame Mount: This is essentially taking our standard obstacle mount crossbars which connect to the top 10ft cross components of the frame, and making them circular instead of square. The only catch with this route is your ninjas will be swinging from bar to bar, 10ft high. So, we would strongly advise that you use a thick resi under sections of frame containing this element.


Adjustable Mounting Bar: Now, if the height in the previous option is an issue, this may be the perfect setup for you. This method involves taking two 10ft mounting bars and attaching them to each long side of the Katana frame. The circular crossbar then connecting to these mounting bars, allowing you to set the height where needed. The 10ft mounting bars are sold separately 

Padding is available for where the joint of the 10ft mounting bar connects to the frame.


End Mount Bar: This is a nice option to have if you have ambitious Ninjas who may want to transition to the next section of frame via Lachè bar as opposed to resting on a transition block. The bar mounts between the 2 uprights of the frame and is still 6ft wide.

Padding is available for where the joint of the Lechè bar connects to the frame.