The AG Ninja rig has received a major upgrade!  Meet the M.O.T.S.1 (pronounced Moe-tis-wan)… AG Ninja’s all-new Modular Obstacle Training System.

This new steel framing system was completely redesigned with the following features in mind:

  • True Modularity
  • Versatility
  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Bold Sleek Design

The M.?.T.S.1 is hole-punched throughout, allowing us to create a whole new world of obstacle solutions. Larger footplates mean a sturdier rig that can free-stand on hard surfaces without issue. The unique circular corner system now allows for 2 people to assemble the rig with ease, and additional sections to the end or side are simply bolted on. Lastly, we created stackable towers which provides multiple levels in the framing system, allowing you to vary obstacle heights and change skill levels.

Frame Components

  • Vertical Posts – Hole Punched 4″ x 4″ Steel Post With 24″ footplate and Unique Circular Corner System
  • Horizontal Segments – Depending on the length, these will be hole-punched 4″ x 5″ Steel or hole-punched 4″x6″ steel
  • 6ft Crossbars – Redesigned to allow for easy adjustment and re-locating