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2009-2012 VERSION

This one-of-a-kind DVD-ROM, including over 600 video illustrations, developed by internationally-rated US judge Doug Hills, is the perfect tool for coaches, judges, and gymnasts!

This new version comes with the best Gymnastics Screen Saver that is now better than ever!

Be a Better Judge
Prepare for Competition – Prepare for a Judge’s Exam

    • Get the tools to build your judging skills.
    • Increase your speed and accuracy.
    • Practice with symbols on video sequences.
    • Identify weaknesses and make them your strengths.
    • Print flash cards of the rules.

Be a Better Coach
Find what your gymnasts need to know – Don’t be surprised by the rules!

    • The new Exercise Builder let’s you build, save and send full routines for your gymnasts.
    • Easy access to all the information you need to make the Code work for you.
    • Plan athlete training, identify skills that will help your athlete perform at the highest possible level.
    • Quick access to information about the rules.
    • Print skills lists.

Be a Better Gymnast
Find how the best gymnasts do what they do – Compare your work to theirs

    • Find skill values that work for you.
    • Set your training goals.
    • Compare your performance to the video samples.
    • Learn the Men’s Code of Points, including the most recent interpretations.
    • Test and Track your knowledge on General Rules, and all six events
    • Watch over 600 videos of selected skills!