In-Ground Pit Trampoline 6 x 12

– 72 Square Feet Jumping Surface
– 6 x 12 Bed Size
– 40″ Deep Hole
– Spring Count – 108

In-Ground Pit Trampoline 7 x 14

– 98 Square Feet Jumping Surface
– 7 x 14 Bed Size
– 40″ Deep Hole
– Spring Count – 108


– Angle iron construction.
– 1/4” round rod zig zag wire welded on for spring attachment.
– Pre-Drilled holes staggered on top and side for pit attachment.

Safety Pads

– All units come complete with full pads, which cover the frame, corners, and springs.
– Pads are 1.25” thick cross-link polyethylene, closed cell foam that resists moisture absorption.
– Impact absorbing pads cushion against shock and spring back into shape.
– TrampMaster covers the pads with California prop. 65 compliant 18oz. vinyl.


Beds & Springs:

– TrampMaster offers several different beds in two sizes (6’ x 12’ and 7’ x 14’), High Performance black poly, and a standard black poly beds.
– The Pit Trampoline can come in 9” or 10” springs depending on your needs.

Bolt Package:

– Bolt packages with wedge and mushroom spikes available to attach frames to concrete walls.

Placing the frame in the ground significantly improves safety for the bouncer. This unit is made with an angle iron frame which caps the concrete pit foundation. It has staggered holes on the top and side for attachment.

This unit can be used with 9” springs or 10” jumbo springs. You can put any type bed on it, the depth of the pit will be the determiner of what type bed you can use. This trampoline comes complete with 18oz. vinyl pads that cover the corners.

Pit??? Depth

Using 9” Springs With a Black Poly Bed:
Minimum Depth of 40”

Using 9” Springs With a String Bed:
Minimum Depth of 44”

Pit Sizes

9″ Springs:

6’ x 12’ Bed Size: 8’2” x 14’2” x 40”- 44” Deep
7’ x 14’ Bed Size: 9’2” x 16’2” x 40”- 44” Deep