Predator X have been discovered and excavated from Norway in 2008. This pliosaur, which is a large carnivorous marine reptile, has been estimated at 49 ft in length and 45 tons in weight! It’s speed and massive jaws made it an intimidating predator of the ocean.

We designed the Predator X course to mimc the size of this massive beast of the sea. At 55ft long and 20ft wide, it is certainly one of the more dominant structures in the Jurassic series. This course comes fully loaded with everything pictured


18ft Spans

Standard 10ft height (may be customized)

6′ wide sections

The Brand New Devil’s Trek

Wishbone to Cargo Net

Enhanced cliffhanger with bigger reaches

Flying Pterodactyl – 3 (similar to Flying squirrels)

Hammer Heads (3)

Slotted Surf Boards (Circuit Board) – Static and Larger than original

Revolver – Spanning a Full 18ft Section

Dino Planks – Series of (2) 8ft long unstable planks

Floating Salmon Ladder with Tether System and Carbon Fiber Pole

The Flying Pteranodon (Flying Bar) – Spanning Full 18ft Section

All Post Padding Included

All Matting Included

Transition Blocks (11)

Dimensions: 55’4″ x 19’4″ x 10’4″