The Retro Fit allows compatibility between new 3/4” tie downs and old 1/2” in-ground anchors

AAI has recently completed a total redesign of the entire line of floor anchors.  Any new installation of AAI floor anchors will include this new design.

  • Included with all of AAI’s cabled apparatus
  • Installs into AAI’s 3/4″ threaded floor plate
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • Retro-Fit Anchor allows compatibility between new 3/4″ tie downs and old 1/2″ in-ground anchors
  • Groove in the handle indicates retro vs. standard anchor

AAI Anchor Upgrade Details

Anchor System

The new AAI floor anchor design includes all styles (B, BX , C, and E). It is our recommendation and intent that all existing floor anchors be updated to the new design as soon as possible.  For those unwilling or unable to accommodate this recommendation, a retro-fit option is also available using the new design components.

  • 49003 – Standard Swivel Anchor – Each
  • 407-135 – Standard Swivel Anchor – Set of Four
  • 49004 – Retro Fit Floor Anchor – Each
  • 407-140 – Retro Fit Floor Anchor – Set of Four

Comgination Tie-down/Plate Unit

These now come complete as one unit, eliminating engagement issues which allowed the plate to block the tie-down from complettely engaging the anchor.  The new, one-piece design reduces the risk o fthis mistake and creates a well-rhreaded connection.

  • (a) Assembly incorporates bushings which allow the tie-down handle and plate to move independently.  This improves the response of the entire unit and increases the product lifecycle due to a reduction in wear.
  • (b) The new design features a snap ring which holds the tie-down and plate together as one collective unit.

Tie-Down Handle

The tie-down itself has been redesigned, changing from the old T-Handle design to a new two-piece unit.  The new form adds strength and reduces the number of stress points that weaken over time.  AAI recommends hand-tightening only as no mechanical advantage is necessary.

  • (a) The cylindrical shape and knurled texture discourage over tightening which can lead to product failure in extreme circumstances.
  • (b) Changing the thread from 1/2″ to 3/4″ allows the tie-down to complete a more stable connection to the anchor which enhances the overall strength of the unit.

Floor Anchor (sold separately)

AAI’s new floor anchor designs nest more firmly into the flooring structure creating less fatigue and fewer opportunities for poor engagement or cross-threading.  The outside diameter of the anchor has been changed from 7/8″ to 1″ allowing for the 3/4″ tie-down to fully engage.

  • (a) Spring loaded plunger reduces the risk of debris from entering anchor when tie-down is disengaged.
  • (b) The new threaded texture increases the grip between anchor surface and surrounding area.