• Made from high quality, durable leather, the Integrity (RKO) line of grips features a straight, wide palm piece and white leather wrapped, sewn on dowel.
  • Featuring the widest palm piece we offer, the Integrity (RKO) line of grips offer more palm protection.
  • The Integrity (RKO)  grip is a sturdy grip designed for the best protection and grip on the bar. This design is also ideal for gymnasts with a wide or square palm.
  • Available in sizes to accommodate beginner through Elite and college level gymnasts, the Integrity (RKO) Double Buckle grip is the perfect choice for gymnasts spending a lot of time training on the uneven bars, as well as experienced or older gymnasts.
  • Ideal for Optional through Elite level athletes; gymnasts with wide hands or square shaped palms; and gymnasts who need more surface protection.
  • NOT RECOMMENDED FOR young, first time grip wearers and athletes under 9 years of age.

Sold in pairs.

We recommend the use of wristbands with these handgrips.

Size Chart:

To order Integrity (RKO) Buckle Gymnastics Grips, take a measurement, in inches, from the wrist to center of the middle finger between 1st and 2nd joint.

Gymnastics Grips Sizing


00 — 5 5/8″
0  —  6″
1  — 6 3/8″
2  —  6 5/8″
3  —  6 15/16″
4 —  7 5/16″


Order the size closest to your measurement. If your measurement falls exactly between sizes, order the smaller size.