This patented anchoring system is the most perfect way to reclaim the unused space in your gym which currently sits under the cables of your cabled equipment! Once your bars are hooked into our Space Saver anchoring system they “think” they are still on the FIG grid of 18 x 13, only now they are 12.5 x 8.5! What a difference!

Since Space Savers fit all cabled equipment, it becomes interchangeable, handy for those times when a change is in order! If you have one type of bars today and would like a different kind in the future there is nothing additional to purchase. Simply take down the old equipment and hook up the new! It’s that easy.

They install easily and take the first time installer 2-3 hours to do so. Subsequent sets will install much more rapidly. The Space Saver system includes: (PLEASE NOTE YOU HAVE TO PURCHASE A QUANTITY OF 4 FOR FULL SYSTEM)

• 4 Space Savers

• 4 Space Saver Pads (if you choose the Space Savers with Pads option)

• Floor Anchors

• Setting Tool

• Written Instructions

You’ll need a rotary hammer drill with a 7/8″ drill bit, basic wrenches, a screw driver and a tape measure.

We have, also, a wood floor anchoring kit for those of you who want to mount Space Savers to a basketball type floor and do not want to ruin the floor for future use. This kit will leave small holes in the floor which may be filled with wood putty later to restore the floor to its original look and useability.  Call for details.

It is possible, for particular applications, for you to use just one Space Saver, or two, three, or all four! Your bars canot “tell” how may Space Saver arms are hooked to it!

Flexibility and convenience are what we strive for!

Utilizing gym space well is something many of us seem to feel is important. Any product which allows coaches and gymnasts to have more equipment or greater safety zones adds value to the training facility. When that same product will earn back its own capital investment and then make money for the gym owner, it’s just good business. We think these Space Savers are the very best expression of these values.

Did you know….. considering the fact that the complete installation kit is included in the price, comparative costs favor these Space Savers over ALL other types of space saving devices?

The biggest plus of the Space Savers is Flexibility. The anchoring system is not designed around any specific equipment but instead works with all cabled equipment. This cannot be said by our competitors as their space saving equipment works only with uneven bars and, specifically, only with their brand of unevens!

  1. INTEGRITY – Space Saver’s unique design allows the cable angles to remain the same, simulating the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) anchoring specifications resulting in the bars keeping the proper “feel”. No need to have dead bars.
  2. VERSATILITY – Space Savers work with ANY cabled equipment. The consumer has the option to purchase any companies equipment, today and in the future!
  3. FLEXIBILITY – After installation Space Savers provide the consumer with interchangeability of cabled equipment providing the option of special events; like having a men’s clinic simply by replacing the women’s bars with men’s equipment just for the weekend. Very fast and easy to do!
  4. VALUE – Space Savers come complete including ALL parts necessary for installation.
  5. SAFETY – There are no more cables to trip on or to drag equipment over.EXPERIENCE – 11 years of proven reliability in space saving and gym design.
  6. EXPERIENCE – 11 years of proven reliability in space saving and gym design. We will help design or redesign your gym for maximum efficiency!
  7. READY AVAILABILITY – Fast economical delivery by UPS usually within 5 business days!
  8. EASE OF INSTALLATION – Easy to follow do-it-yourself installation instructions.
  9. DEPENDABILITY – Space Savers are built to last forever!
  10. 100% MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! (within 30 days of purchase)