Walking difficulty is a common problem and it contributes to loss of independence, higher rates of morbidity and increased mortality.  The Air Trak is a wonderful therapy option for patients whose walking is slow, less stable, and inefficient.

When timing and coordination of stepping with postures and phases of gait is poor, often there appears to be a loss of motor skill in walking. Taking a lesson from the sports world and from neurorehabilitation, task-oriented motor learning exercise is an essential component of training to improve motor skill and may be a beneficial approach to improving walking, especially for older adults.

The Air Trak can also be used for many other special needs classes and is fun for youngsters working on postural instability and other physical limitations.

  • 9ft wide x 22in high (edges are 24in high)
  • Top Material: 18 oz. vinyl
  • Bottom Material: Heavy duty 22 oz. vinyl
  • Cycle: 60 Hz
  • Voltage: 115 Volt
  • Max Air Volume: 1430 CFM
  • Amps with back pressure: 12.0
  • Max Static Pressure: 9.0
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Unit Size: 20.5in x 16in x 18in
  • Wheel Speed (RPM): 3400
  • Motor: 2HP
  • Attached Cord: 25ft
  • Please note:  There is a 12 mo warranty on the blower.
Both products are made in China and designed in the USA.
How do I inflate the Air Trak?
A blower is included with the Air Trak purchase. The blower must be turned on while using the Air Trak to keep air going into the Air Trak while in use.
How do I deflate the Air Trak?
Turn off the blower and open both air tubes to allow the air to escape quicker. The unit can then be folded in thirds and rolled up to store in a smaller area.
How do I clean my Air Trak?
It is very important to make sure your blower vent does not build up lint, etc. Take time to use a vacuum on the intake side of your blower. The vinyl of the Air Trak can be cleaned with simple soap and water. Avoid using a clearer with any bleach in it. Make sure the unit is completely DRY before rolling it and putting it away.
Can I use an extension cord?
Yes. However make certain it is a 12G thickness and you do not exceed 25′.
Do I need maintenance on my blower?
No. Just keep them clean and free from debris, water or heavy moisture.