This premium vault springboard uses the latest technology.

407-228 Adjustable 8-Coil Stratum Vault Board
407-259 Soft 6-Coil Vault Board (FIG Approved)
407-258 Firm 8-Coil Vault Board (FIG Approved)

  • FIG Approved
  • Meets USAG, NCAA,  NFHS and AAU competition specifications
  • Front of the board is held at the desired tension and shape with nylon webbing strap, which prevents shifting
  • Number of springs can be adjusted to meet the needs of the gymnast’s weight and ability
  • Constructed of gray carpet with ½ padding
  • Black oxide springs provide desired rebound
  • 47¼ x 23 5/8 x 8 5/8 (120 x 60 x 22cm)


In this gymnastics equipment video, we will show you how to insert and remove springs into your AAI Stratum Vaulting Board or AAI Tac/10 LZT Vaulting Springboard.

Eight springs are installed in the board and the number of springs can be adjusted to meet the needs of the gymnast’s weight and ability.

To remove a spring, stand the board on end with the legs facing you. Place your thumbs on the leg for leverage and pull the top coils of the spring away from the rubber bumper. To insert the spring, place the spring in the board pushing down on the top coils until it pops over the rubber bumper.

For approved FIG spring configurations, please refer to our 8-coil, 6-coil and 5-coil spring configuration diagrams.


Inspect the springboards periodically for loose fasteners or other damage. Do not used damaged equipment. Contact American Gymnast at 1-877-789-2267 for repair or replacement.