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The Incredible Hoss


The Superhero series is a more comprehensive setup of obstacle courses designed for facilities who want to start their Ninja Program off with a full range of training options.

Plain and simple, the Incredible Hoss was designed for the strongest and most ambitious ninjas out there. We packed in all all of our toughest obstacles in to one 3 x 4 lane setup. Once you are able to successfully complete this course in one go, you are sure to have arms like the Hoss!

This course will require an approximate floor space of 42ft x 25ft.

Obstacles included:

High Unstable Bridge (Pair)

Trapeze to dual short rope

Tilting Frames

Nunchucks – 2 pair

Cliff Hanger Side Attachment

Curved Rings and Pipes

Traverse Box

Pipes and Logs

Hanging Doors

Salmon Ladder to Flying Bar Trainer

Rumbling Dice

Cannon Ball Run – 2 pair

Rotating Spindle

Swinging Transition Bars – 5

Obstacle Mount Cross Bars – 28

4.5ft x 4.ft x 3ft High Parkour Block – 2

Slanted Steps – 5

Inclined Ramp

10ft Warp Wall

12ft Warp Wall

**Carpet Bonded Foam, Matting, Transition Blocks and Upright Padding sold separately

**Color Scheme may be adjusted at no charge

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