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There are many different Uneven Bar Dowel Grips for girls. We’ll help you choose which grips are right for your gymnast.

Narrow Width Grips – If this is your gymnast’s first pair of dowel grips, we typically recommend choosing grips that are narrow in the palm portion of the grip. These grips are generally appropriate for younger girls that are just entering competitive level gymnastics. The narrower palm allows the gymnast to maintain more contact between their hand and the bar, giving them a little better sense of security.

Regular Width Grips – These dowel grips have the standard width palm. They are generally most appropriate for older and/or optional level girls that have “grown out” of the narrow width grips.

Protec Grips – The Reisport Protec Grips are a little different than your typical pair of gymnastics dowel grips. The palm of these grips are basically two pieces of leather bonded by Kevlar. The grips are very strong, but just be aware that they do not stretch like normal grips. We generally recommend these grips for Level 9, 10 or Elite girls that are really tapping hard on the Uneven Bars and are maybe breaking (or over-streching) other grips more frequently than is normal.

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