American Gymnast 4-Section Parallel Block Set

  • Extremely versatile training blocks
  • The 4 blocks can be stacked & connected for use in parallel bar training
  • Each block can be used individually as spotting blocks
  • Or, use them for numerous drills, obstacle courses in your gym
  • The white strip is there to visually represent where the parallel bar rails would be

Each of these new 48″L X 28″W X 20″H blocks has two white stripes to visually simulate P-Bar rails running lengthwise along top corner of one side–only these stripes aren’t screened with ink. Instead, we permanently attach a 4″ wide strip of white loop fastener (soft pile side) to the top of each cover. We also sew the adjoining side of 4″ Hook and Loop fastener system to connector flaps so any one of the blocks can be securely mounted on top of another.

This design produces an extremely adaptable set easily able to be used as 4 mini P-Bar blocks, 4 spot blocks or a set of standard height P-bar blocks.
All blocks consist of firm polyethylene foam layer bonded to all four sides of the 100 ILD polyfoam core thus providing a stable surface in all horizontal configurations. Covers are fabricated of 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester; seams are double stitched and 2″ wide heavy webbing handles attached to ends for easy positioning.
Available in royal blue, red, light blue, green, orange or yellow.

Parallel Block Rails (sold separately)

  • Parallel Block Rails can also be purchased that securely Velcro to the white area on the blocks
  • Rails are 2” tall and taper out to a 4” width
  • Rails give the feel of holding on to the rails while also providing a safe environment if the gymnast were to miss grabbing the rail as they train more difficult skills
  • Rails can also velcro directly to a carpeted surface on the ground to provide another training station, great for learning handstands, pirouettes and healy twirls.

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks before this item ships.
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