Saves Time!

• Make width adjustments to the high upright using the slide collar without affecting the tension of the cables – hence the name!

Saves Space!

• Footprint reduced to only 7′ x 12′ from 13′ x 18′

Saves Money!

• No need for cable tighteners which can deteriorate and put extra wear on the cables

Versatile Product!

• Release one loadbinder and easily remove the low rail, leaving the upper rail to be used as a single bar, high bar, or strap bar

Improved Quality!

• Includes 6 new floor anchors which are an enhanced version of our Style C Floor Plates
• 3/8″ diameter cables and improved tie downs add stability
• Tested for the most advanced releases and engineered to perform for all gymnasts at all levels when used with AAI cables

407-053 – Constant Tension Bar with Graphite X Rail
407-073 – Constant Tension Bar with Graphite E Rail
407-057 – Constant Tension Bar Conversion Kit, includes new cables, tie downs, anchors, and four shorter spin locks to replace the spin locks used for height adjustment

AG Constant Tension Bars