The Elite frame trampoline is for training high level athletes.  It is available in 2 different sizes, and with your choice of 4 different styles of trampoline beds to best suit your gym’s need and budget.  10″ jumbo springs are used.



Frame Used with 6’x12′ Bed

  • Frame Size  – 9’10”x15′

  • 46-1/2 ” High

  • Bed Size – 6’x12’

  • Spring Count – 104

Frame Used with 7’x14′ Bed

  • Frame Size  – 10’10”x17′

  • 46-1/2” High

  • Bed Size – 7’x14’

  • Spring Count – 120


About the Frame


  • Frame is constructed of domestic structural grade, 11 & 12 gauge steel tubing.
  • 46-1/2″ Tall straight rail frame, great for dropping into pits.
  • ZigZag wire (1/4″ round rod) is welded to the frame for easy spring assembly, disassembly, sound frame construction, and greater distribution of wear.
  • The frame feature a black baked-on powder coat finish.


About the Pads

  • Complete w/1″ thick crosslink foam pads that cover the corners for added protection.

  • Two extra springs in each corner support pads.

  • The pads are covered with a vinyl that has properties equal to a 22 oz. material.

  • Attached to frame with velcro.


About the Choice of Beds



High Performance Polypropylene Trampoline Bed

High Performance Black Polyproplyene Bed


  • The HP black poly bed is made from the same polypropylene yarn as the standard black bed, but it is a looser weave.

  • The loose weave of the HP poly bed allows for more air flow which provides a smoother bounce.

  • The bounce of an HP poly bed is between the black poly bed and the string beds and is more stable and non-abrasive bounce.

   • Tramp Master stocks two standard sizes of HP poly beds and custom sizes are available upon request w/measurements.

  • This bed is NOT for recreational use.

USA String Trampoline Bed

String Bed


  • Two string bed.

  • Mat is coated with a specially formulated acrylic paint.

  • Visual markings painted on mat

   • Recommended for use with high level athletes and top competitors.

  • This bed is NOT for recreational use.

Web Trampoline Bed

Web Bed


  • 4mm – 13 mm web beds available.

  • These high quality web beds are produced on state of the art looms in Great Britain. They have been making them since the 1960’s, starting with The Nissen Trampoline Co.

  • Nylon Type 6 webbing is used.

  • Unbreakable Molded Ultramid Polyamid Nylon spring anchor bars are used.

  • Visual markings woven in mat .

  • Recommended for use with high level athletes and top competitors.

  • This bed is NOT for recreational use.