Whether you use it as a block, a wedge for preschoolers, or as a ramp, you will find the features on the Folding Mini Ramp make it very compatible with other mats to create friendly, fun stations!

Keep it folded and use the colorful block as a stable place for kids to stand on, jump off or cartwheel over. Velcro on the base surface, will help keep the mat firmly in place on closed loop carpet or matched up next to other mats. The Folding Mini Ramp features a convenient hook Velcro flap to secure it for uphill or downhill play. Use the same Velcro flap to hold the block securely folded to use it standing up on any side.

Please note the small size of this ramp. When used as a cheese mat or incline, it is mostly appropriate for preschool aged children.

Q & A
Is this mat too small for a 5 year old to work on bridge kick overs?
No, it is a very good size for 5 year olds to practice bridge kick overs.
When the Mini Ramp is closed, is it secure?
Yes, the unit has a Velcro flap to keep it closed.
How do I clean my Folding Mini Ramp?
Simple soap and water can be used to clean the Folding Mini Ramp.