From beginner to advanced levels, handstand control is an absolute necessity in all facets of the sport of gymnastics.  The Handstand Homework Mat is a multi-functional mat developed with Tom Forster, USA Gymnastics National Team Staff Coach.

Use of the Mat encourages practice at home. Placing a 1ft Fun Stick onto the mat creates a bigger challenge for better handstand control.  The lower the Fun Stick is placed on the mat, the bigger the handstand challenge becomes.

This package includes:
(1) Handstand Homework Mat
(1) Workbook
(2) 1ft Fun Sticks
The Handstand Homework Mat is reversible. One side is a Cartwheel Mat (available in 4 colors) and the other side is blue carpet which features a 6ft. long, 4in. wide white “beam” stripe. The Mat is designed to easily attach to any door with slide-on clips and Velcro straps, but can also be used on the floor.
Does it come with the hardware necessary to attach the mat to the door?
Yes, door clips are included that will attach the mat to the top and bottom of a standard (1-?”) interior door.
Does it have to be attached to the door, can I use it on the floor?
Absolutely can be used laying flat on the floor, in fact the opposite side of the mat has the Hands and Feet placement for a cartwheel.
What else can I do with the Fun Stick?
Use them for cartwheels, conditioning, create a frame or a stationary skill area for jumps.
Does the workbook come with the mat?
Yes the Handstand Homework Book comes with the Handstand Homework Mat.