International “Berlin” Ring Frame

FIG Certified, Original Reuther
The “Berlin” Ring Frame by Spieth Germany has built-in shock absorbers and an additional special spring system to reduce the jolt on the joints and also the peak forces.

Equipment Features

  • Improved frame and double tensioning system
  • Unique shock absorption system reduces impact on joints and peak forces
  • Plywood rings, heavy-duty straps and steal plastic-encased cables
  • The Safety frame is made of square steel tubing with individual components with a maximum length of 106.3″ (270cm) for easy transportation
  • The height adjusts from 233.25″ (592.5cm) to 241.14″ (612.5cm) in increments of 2″ (5cm)
  • The plastic-encased ropes for rings are attached by means of variable threaded sockets with a fine adjustment. Double cable tension system together with the licensed key-adjustment provides the device with great stability
  • Used at 2016 Rio Olympic Games