Innovated by National Team Coach, Todd Gardiner, Tumbl Trak Inversion Cuffs will take your athlete’s training to the next level! Earlier versions of these types of cuffs were originally used to help stretch tight backs. However, with Todd Gardiner’s innovative thinking, he started using them as a conditioning tool and the results speak for themselves.

Using gravity and body weight, the Inversion Cuffs are an amazing conditioning tool best utilized by intermediate to advanced athletes. Try hooking them to a lower stall bar for a sit up station, or use a higher bar and incline for more challenging progressions. For the “all out” super-star athlete, hang fully suspended for a full body, power workout.

Tumbl Trak has designed the Inversion Cuffs to include a good amount of padding, just where needed; and adjustable Velcro straps provide a snug, but comfortable fit. Also, to prevent or minimize damage to the rail or bar, Inversion Cuffs include light padding at the point of hooking onto the bar.

Always use the inversion cuffs under the supervision of a trained professional and be mindful of proper safety practices with any inverted positions.

Are the Inversion Cuffs only for advanced athletes?
While there are a lot of great exercises advanced athletes can do with Inversion Cuffs, they are not only for them. There are many different ways to use the cuffs which would also be helpful for the beginner athletes.
What do you do with Inversion Cuffs?
Inversion Cuffs are ideal for working on conditioning. There are many drills to work on core strength as well as leg strength which the video will show you.
Will Inversion Cuffs damage my bar if I use them on my competition unevens?
The inversion cuffs are well padded along the inside of the hook and should not damage your bar. Inspect the inversion cuffs regularly to be sure the padding is in place. Also note, the inversion cuffs are NOT meant for swinging which is both dangerous and would cause damage to the bar.
What is the ankle size range for the Inversion Cuffs?
The inversion cuffs come with fully adjustable Velcro.
Can Inversion Cuffs be used with socks?
It is not recommended the inversion cuffs be used with socks as it may cause more slippage.
What do you recommend is a safe number of reps to do with cuffs on?
Carefully monitor all activity performed with the inversion cuffs. Various athletes will be capable of different numbers of reps for various drills.
What is the weight limit for the Inversion Cuffs?
The suggested weight limit for the Inversion Cuffs is 200 pounds.