DIMENSIONS: 8ft x 7in x 4in.

The Laser Beam Conversion Top is a game changer in the gymnastics industry. Engineered to retro-fit any existing competition beam, the Laser Beam Expansion top provides visual cues and additional space for learning skills on the high beam.

At 7″ wide, the Laser Beam Expander is designed to help skills transfer up off the ground seamlessly and confidently with its comfortable feel and is 8′ long and has straps to secure it in place on most standard competitive beams. Place two Expanders on a beam for a dreamy 16 foot Laser Beam training station!

Like the Laser Beam, the Expander is made of a wood base, with just the right amount of padding on top. Strategically placed lines and numbers on the top surface are used as visual guides to help skills stay on track. Note that the white lines are 4″ apart, reminding athletes of the actual width of a competitive beam making it easy to feel confident about transferring skills to the competitive beam.

Wood core with synthetic suede cover. Lines help athletes practice positioning. Straps keep converstion top secure on competition beam.

Weight: 26lbs

Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced