Remember those old jogger tramps for drills? Here’s a newer, better product that’s lighter and easier to use! The Launch Pad is a thicker, bouncier and more powerful version of the Sweet Spot.

With its 5” high base, and 3’ x 4’ size, the Launch Pad is a great portable training device for young tumblers or vaulters. It’s useful in a wide variety of drills and progressions. It can help with round-offs, handsprings, back tucks, standing fulls, front saltos and vaulting forward and backwards.


SPECIFICATIONS: 3’ wide x 4’ long x 5” high.


Portable: Yes

Ages: All
Skill Levels: Beginning – High



Two year warranty on material and workmanship.



User Guide (1) (82.2 Kb, PDF)
User Guide (2) (82.6 Kb, PDF)