Stall Bars are mounted to the wall and used in countless ways for strength, conditioning, and flexibility exercises. Easy to install with various mounting options.

Tumbl Trak Stall Bars are constructed of durable smooth finished wood with standard 8in. rung spacing. Once mounted to the wall, they are an indispensable station for leg lifts, pull-ups, flexibility exercises, and more. Athletes will appreciate the 1 3/8” thick back pad that comes with each section of the stall bar.

  • Each section of stall bars measures 36 inches wide and 90 inches high (7.5 feet)
  • Rungs are made of 1.5-inch diameter hardwood dowels spaced 8.5 inches apart
  • Two powder-coated steel brackets secure the system to a wall.
  • Mounting hardware is not included allowing you to choose appropriate hardware according to the surface onto which the bars will be mounted.
  • Recommended Accessories include the Dip Bar and Pull-Up Bar attachments.

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