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Spider Wall – Acrylic

$ 3,500.00$ 5,800.00


This is one of the great obstacles out there because it blends gymnastics, climbing and parkour and incorporates the full body. It would be a good idea to include this at the beginning of your course so you can include a mini tramp or spring board jump to the walls. However, you can do this mid course and have the ninja step up on to the wall to scale across but it will certainly lose that one element of excitement. The walls are made of acrylic and extremely durable so they can withstand the thousands of tennis shoes that will cross it each year. Wood option is also available

***Acrylic Covers a 6ft x 8ft area on each side of the wall. 6ft x 9ft 6″ of coverage available at an upcharge

**Sold with all necessary mounting hardware

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Weight 170 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 6 × 72 in
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