The Straight-frame trampoline is for training recreational through intermediate level athletes.  Not intended for high level, Parkour or Ninja Warrior use!

The design of the straight frame makes it great for dropping down into a pit for a floor-level bouncing surface.  It is available in 2 different sizes, and with your choice of 5 different styles of trampoline beds to best suit your gym’s need and budget.  9″ jumbo springs are used.



Frame Used with 6’x12′ Bed

  • 72 Square Feet Jumping Surface

  • Frame Size  – 9’4”x14’x7”

  • 40” High

  • Bed Size – 6’x12’

  • Spring Count – 104

Frame Used with 7’x14′ Bed

  • 98 Square Feet Jumping Surface

  • Frame Size  – 10’4”x16’x7”

  • 40” High

  • Bed Size – 7’x14’

  • Spring Count – 120


About the Frame


  • Frame is constructed of domestic structural grade, 11 & 12 gauge steel tubing.
  • 40″ Tall straight rail frame, great for dropping into pits.
  • ZigZag wire (1/4″ round rod) is welded to the frame for easy spring assembly, disassembly, sound frame construction, and greater distribution of wear.
  • The frame features a black baked-on powder coat finish.


About the Pads

  • Complete w/1″ thick crosslink foam pads that cover the corners for added protection.

  • Two extra springs in each corner support pads.

  • The pads are covered with a vinyl that has properties equal to a 22 oz. material.

  • Attached to frame with velcro.


About the Choice of Beds



Black Polypropylene Trampoline Bed

Black Polypropylene Bed


  • Black woven polypropylene, fabric which is designed for outdoor and indoor longevity.

  • Spring attachments on beds have a polypropylene double webbed configuration for added strength.

   • Ultraviolet polyester thread is used for all stitching, increasing outdoor life.

  • The stitching has a webbing sunscreen for added life.

   • Other/special sizes available please use measurement sheet for accurate sizing

High Performance Polypropylene Trampoline Bed

High Performance Black Polyproplyene Bed


  • The HP black poly bed is made from the same polypropylene yarn as the standard black bed, but it is a looser weave.

  • The loose weave of the HP poly bed allows for more air flow which provides a smoother bounce.

  • The bounce of an HP poly bed is between the black poly bed and the string beds and is more stable and non-abrasive bounce.

   • Tramp Master stocks two standard sizes of HP poly beds and custom sizes are available upon request w/measurements.

  • This bed is NOT for recreational use.

USA String Trampoline Bed

String Bed


  • Two string bed.

  • Mat is coated with a specially formulated acrylic paint.

  • Visual markings painted on mat

   • Recommended for use with high level athletes and top competitors.

  • This bed is NOT for recreational use.

Web Trampoline Bed

Web Bed


  • 13 mm web bed available.

  • These high quality web beds are produced on state of the art looms in Great Britain. They have been making them since the 1960’s, starting with The Nissen Trampoline Co.

  • Nylon Type 6 webbing is used.

  • Unbreakable Molded Ultramid Polyamid Nylon spring anchor bars are used.

  • Visual markings woven in mat .

  • Recommended for use with high level athletes and top competitors.

  • This bed is NOT for recreational use.