407-670 Specification Sheet

407-670 Instruction Sheet

The new TAC/10 surface is only available on this brand, and offers gymnasts an excellent surface to prevent slipping of the hands when performing circles. Gymnasts will begin learning circles on this piece of equipment and will continue to use it throughout their entire career to perfect extension in their circles, spindles, flairs, russians and more.

Official pommel training pod for level 4, 5 and 6 competition

TAC/10 Pommel Training Pod is designed for use in teaching pommel horse skills

TAC/10 cover provides easy cleaning with excellent grip and durability

Top is 25″ (635 mm) in diameter and 18″ (457 mm) in height

Removable top is marked with an “X” for proper hand placement


*Please allow up to 2-3 week production lead time before the item ships. Please call 877-789-2267 for stock questions.*

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