The Colt Pommel Horse Trainer was designed by coaches to be the same shape of the Pommel Horse, but at half the length, providing the closest feel to the real thing at a size that allows for training in a safe format. This versatile trainer features 3 handle placement locations: center and both ends (regulation width apart) so you can customize it specifically for the skills you are working on. The Colt is light enough to be easily moved (40 pounds without pommel handles). It’s a super trainer for use in the gym or at home, and the ideal apparatus for introducing or perfecting Pommel Horse skills for athletes at all skill levels, including Special Olympic Programs. Also great for building and maintaining aerobic and strength fitness.

Footprint: 20″ x 35.5″, Padded top: 13.75″ x 30.5″, Height to top of padded top: 15 3/8″. Sturdy molded polyethylene base with padded leather-like top.

The pommel handles are an optional accessory and can be selected from the drop-down menu above. Any brand’s pommel handles will fit. Pommels can be purchased either as a pair, or as a single pommel.

Pommels are also sold separately here.

Available with White or Gray base. Ships within 1 week. Proudly made in the USA.