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The Bat

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The Superhero series is a more comprehensive setup of obstacle courses designed for facilities who want to start their Ninja Program off with a full range of training options.

The Superhero known as “The Bat” obtained peak human strength, agility and skills in acrobatics through rigorous training. We designed this rig so that the young Ninjas can build a solid foundation in this quest to this superhuman status. “The Bat” is designed for Ninjas aged 6 – 10 and includes the following in the package:

Ground Obstacles:

Sonic Bat Curve

Inclined Mats – 2

12- 15ft Climbing Ropes – 3

Unstable Beam

8ft Warped wall with extension fire pole dismount

Frame Obstacles:

Trapeze to Cargo Bag

Sea of Poles – includes 6 poles with 2 bombs

Sea of Swings – 2

Unstable Bridge – 1

Unstable Monkey Bars

Obstacle Mount Crossbars – 14 (additional included for future obstacle needs)

**Matting, padding and transition blocks sold separately

**Design art on equipment for advertisement purposes

**Colors may be changed if desired at no charge



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