There is so much to say about this obstacle. We’ve all seen ANW and have watched a number of competitors slide down the dipper and soar over to the next. The Big Dipper creates big air and there isn’t much more fun than taking flight! Our Big Dipper is beautifully constructed out of steel and HDPE (plastic material). The aluminum bar is locked in a slotted rail system to prevent it from coming down with the athlete. We have 2 sets of anchor plates to hang this obstacle. One will allow it to be attached to 12×12 aluminum trussing and the other to our new M.?.T.S.1 system. All hardware is included with the purchase. Considering the size of this obstacle, approximately 34ft of framing will be needed to accommodate. This allows one to mount the obstacle and lachè at the end of the dipper to another mounted obstacle to grasp.