More than just a wobble beam – the Wobbler is a great versatile balance trainer that is safe, fun & functional for all age and level athletes.  The Wobbler is sure to be one of your most versatile pieces of equipment for gym or home use.  It’s padded to be safe for your youngest of athletes, but also functional and a fun challenge for athletes of all ages!

The Wobbler - Balance Trainer

Here are just a few ways it can be used …

  • Wobble Beam – use the wobble legs under the beam to create an unstable balance beam
  • Regular Balance Beam – just add the wedge blocks under the wobble legs to stabilize the beam
  • Teeter Beam – place the wobble legs under the center of the beam to create a teeter totter balance beam
  • Stepping Mounds – The wobble legs also can be turned upside down, and stabilized with the wedge blocks to create fun stepping mounds.

Add on, and you can do more …

  • Add the pack of 5 Stepping Blocks accessory to The Wobbler to increase the challenge, stepping over the blocks on the beam, or even on the blocks for a more advanced challenge!
  • The stepping blocks can also be used individually on carpet bonded foam to create stepping stones!
  • Combine multiple Wobblers together to create a longer obstacle, by sharing the center wobble leg!

Dimensions:  72″ long x 4″ wide