Simple, but oh so useful! The Tumbl Tape is colorful and is made up of 4in wide hook Velcro on the back to secure it to any closed loop carpet. The front, or top, is 4in loop Velcro which makes it soft on the feet, but also useful to stick Velcro place markers. (See the Tumbl Tape and Velcro Numbers Package, sold separately).

Designed to be 20ft long with a new color every 2ft, athletes can start understanding the value of LONG tumbling early on. The markers and colors are also great for knowing hand placements when tumbling into the pit or uphill onto a resi mat. You won’t have to remeasure your steps over and over!

The Tumbl Tape is also ideal for organizing your preschool and rec classes as each student will easily find their own color on the line! Challenge students to use the line for jumping, hopping and hurdling. You’ll want several of these handy lines around your gym for color-filled fun and great learning!

  • 4in wide x 20ft long
  • 4in loop (soft) Velcro on top on which products like Velcro Numbers can be placed
  • 4in hook Velcro on the bottom to connect to closed loop surfaces
  • Every 2 feet is a different color