Tumbl Trak™ folding Tumbling Mats, also sometimes called Panel Mats, are perfect for gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, martial arts, special needs, yoga, Pilates, exercise and much more! Ideal for gym or home use.

Tumbl Trak™ Tumbling Mats are among the highest-quality tumbling mats on the market today.

  • Made with durable 18-ounce vinyl as well as industry-standard crosslink polyethylene foam.
  • Folds into easy-to-manage sections for storage (each mat offers 2-foot wide folding panels).
  • Includes Velcro on two ends, so additional mats can be added together.
  • Easy to transport for use at schools, YMCA’s and other multi-use facilities.
  •  4-foot x 6-foot x 2-inch thickness