About the Air Floor PRO

The Air Floor PRO is a bouncier version of the current Air Floor and is not required to be placed on a padded surface. It can be a substitute for a Rod Floor or as an all around training aid. The Air Floor PRO offers versatility in a gym, or as a portable station for mobile programs or exhibitions.

Each unit includes an electric pump, a carrying bag and a Velcro flap to connect two or more units end-to-end to create longer tumbling strips. The Air Floor Pro has a center line which can be used as a visual aid for tumbling. 3M units include D-rings to easily attach the unit between uneven bars, along with a numbered center line.

For a run-up entry onto the 8″ high surface, use the Mini Ramp.

Made in Korea. Designed in the USA.

See it in Action!


The Air Floor PRO has been a safe, reliable, and robust teaching aid for us. We are glad to recommend it.

– Greg Frew, Woodward Camp Director

LOVE IT!!! The air floor was definitely one of the greatest ideas. I was looking for something that would give me the benefits of a rod floor but still have the ability to transport to both outdoor shows and half time winter shows.
– Tara Quandt, Step by Step Studio
Portable: Yes
Ages: All
Skill Levels: Beginner – High

Our Warranty

One year warranty on material and workmanship.