With a more than 20 years of experience in gymnastics, we at American Gymnast have experienced every aspect of the sport. From beginner gymnasts to World Championship Team Members, including coaching at all levels, judging, and running a gymnastics business, we have insight to offer everyone involved in the sport. We have lived and breathed gymnastics every day of our lives since we were 8 years old. Now, we want to pass that insight on to you!

We are excited to offer you this downloadable eBook – American Gymnast Parallette Training Guide. What really separates the good gymnasts from the great gymnasts is not what you do inside the gym, but what you do outside the gym. During normal practice, there are only so many hours to work your skills and routines on each piece of equipment. Many times athletes and coaches get so bogged down with trying to learn a particular skill or prepare routines for competition that the basics of gymnastics are neglected. Gymnasts at every level need to continuously re?ne their basics — and much of the re?nement can be done at home, saving time in the gym for learning higher-level skills.

From our experience, we have found that the single most important piece of men’s equipment for training at home is a set of parallettes. It’s astounding the number of exercises that can be performed on this one piece of equipment alone. If you are not familiar with what parallettes are, these are a miniature version of the men’s parallel bars. L-sits, presses, planches, and handstands are essentials of gymnastics that every gymnast must perfect, and these are just a few of the elements gymnasts can perform safely at home on a set of parallettes.

In our guide, we provide an exercise regimen according to your gymnastics level. But remember, our training guide is just that – a guide. Every gymnast is unique, so depending on individual strength and ability, you may ?nd the need to vary or adapt the reps, times, or the exercises themselves. We recommend that your gymnast follow this guide an average of 3 times per week.

Feel free to print the guide to have to look at as you train. And, as always in gymnastics, training should be done only with proper matting and under the supervision of a safety certi?ed coach or adult.

So, let’s get started. Good luck!

Jay Thornton
1997 World Championship Team Member
American Gymnast

Parallette Training Guide Table of Contents:




—————————-  4
Tuck Sit —————————-  5
L Sit —————————-  5
Tuck Planche —————————-  5
Straddle Press to Handstand Against Wall —————————-  6
Handstand Against Wall —————————-  7
Handstand Pushups Against Wall —————————-  7
Push-ups —————————-  8
Handstand Forward 1/2 Pirouettes —————————-  9


—————————-  10
L Sit —————————-  11
V Sit —————————-  11
Tuck Planche —————————-  11
Tuck Planche to Straddle Planche —————————-  12
L Sit Press to Tuck or Straddle Planche —————————-  13
Straddle Press to Handstand (no wall) —————————-  14
Pike Press to Handstand Against Wall —————————-  15
Handstand —————————-  16
Handstand Pushups Against Wall —————————-  16
Planche Push-ups  —————————-  17
Handstand Forward 1/1 Pirouettes  —————————-  18
Handstand Reverse 1/2 Pirouettes  —————————-  19


 —————————-  20
L Sit  —————————-  21
V Sit  —————————-  21
Straddle Press to Handstand (no wall)  —————————-  22
Pike Press to Handstand (no wall)  —————————-  23
Broomstick Presses  —————————-  24
L Sit Press to Straddle Planche  —————————-  25
Straight-body Planche (feet together & on a box)  —————————-  25
Straddle Planche Press to Handstand  —————————-  26
Handstand  —————————-  26
Handstand Pushups (no wall)  —————————-  27
Planche Push-ups  —————————-  28
Handstand Forward 1/1 Pirouettes  —————————-  29
Handstand Reverse 1/1 Pirouettes  —————————-  30


 —————————-  31