The Handstand Trainer will develop and strenthen, in your gymnasts, that tight “hollow body” shape so critical in our sport’s basic technique! It will also develop the ability of your gymnasts to “planche” and to “push” back from that planche… a very critical basic strength movement. Imagine a tight hollow body shape which can planche & push with speed and power! In combination with a set of parallettes or a single bar, this system becomes invaluable!

The Handstand Trainer is solid steel for extra long life. The bungie cords last from 3-5 years with normal 2-5 hours of use per day, or much longer with less use.

Our Handstand Trainer has been designed to have a “flex” within the steel unit itself. Then the unit is “strung” with special bungie (you cannot buy this in any hardware store). The combined effect is a system that works in harmony to produce a soft bounce that will not “bottom out”. This bounce is at the correct speeds for the little ones through the cheerleaders and even the men’s program.

It can be stored easily against a wall by revolving the legs to lie flat against the frame, allowing it to be kept in even the smallest of gyms.


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