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Japan Cup Preview!

Over the last couple of years the Japan Cup, now held in Tokyo, Japan every summer, has become one of the year’s biggest international events.  In 2009 the competition was [...]

Buscaglia Tops Thrilling High Bar Final

Just a few highlight high bar routines from the Men’s NCAA Championships.  I can’t say I love seeing so many “Yamawakis” (laid-out hecht vault with a half turn), when nearly [...]

The most stunning routines from Vegas – Day 1!

Jake Dalton Floor Unbelievable routine!  After missing out on a spot on the 2010 world team, there’s no question that Jake Dalton has been the big surprise of this competition.  [...]

Five Stories To Watch In Vegas Tomorrow!

The Men's Winter Cup begins tomorrow!  Here are five stories to keep your eyes on: Olympic Fever Gambling in Vegas won’t be limited to the casinos this year.  The Winter [...]

Paul Hamm’s Comeback is Upon Us!

Ever wonder why the Men’s Winter Cup is not televised, or at least web-broadcasted? This competition takes place in Las Vegas every February, and in recent years in particular I [...]

Some American men's routines you might have missed from Rotterdam

Check out some spectacular routines from the American men that didn't receive much coverage on television, including Chris Brooks, Jonathan Horton, Danell Leyva, Steven Legendre, and Chris Cameron.

Men add 6 more medal opportunities for Team USA

The USA Men's Team put on a stellar performance in Prelims, and are now sitting in 3rd place as they head into Team Finals. The guys added 6 more medal opportunities for Team USA, for a total of 15 all together. And, that means 15 chances for you to win if you're an AG Facebook Fan!

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