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More Medals for USA Means More Prizes for You

Team USA has been racking up the medals at this year's World Championships and they're not done yet! The Event Finals are going on today (Saturday) and Sunday, and with 1 more day of competition to go, Team USA still has 5 more medal opportunities. For every medal Team USA wins, American Gymnast randomly selects one of our Facebook Fans to receive a prize. You could be next!

Men add 6 more medal opportunities for Team USA

The USA Men's Team put on a stellar performance in Prelims, and are now sitting in 3rd place as they head into Team Finals. The guys added 6 more medal opportunities for Team USA, for a total of 15 all together. And, that means 15 chances for you to win if you're an AG Facebook Fan!

USA men's world team contenders…wow!!!

A look at the diverse field of contenders for the 2010 USA men's world championship team.

Cal Gymnastics Forever

Cal Gymnastics is in trouble and needs our help. Being the product of collegiate gymnastics myself, I know how critical it is to try and keep every single opportunity alive that we have left for male gymnasts. Cal's program is one of the best around, producing successful NCAA gymnasts AND USAG National Team Members. So, when my friend and former teammate, Dave Kruse (a Cal alum), asked me if I would spread the word about how people can help, I told him "Absolutely!" See more information at To help, just follow these 3 simple steps:

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Some innovative men’s p-bars routines from Moscow!

For several years, men's p-bars was becoming a somewhat monotonous event, with the same skills being done over and over by all of the world's top gymnast. A new trend seems to be developing towards originality on this event, indicating that the current code of points may actually be working here! Check out some cool routines from Moscow!

Putting the Proposed Points System to the Test

The 2008 U.S. Men's Olympic Team will go down as one of the most memorable ever...almost on a par with the team that won gold in 1984. After losing BOTH of the Hamms, putting out the weakest pommel horse team of the entire Olympic Games, and using several gymnasts who were unpredictable at best, the USA came away with a bronze medal that stunned the world. Not to take ANYTHING away from that phenomenal team, but let's use my proposed selection points system to see how it would work using real competition results. One fascinating question...Would national champion David Sender's Olympic fate have been different?

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Proposed Selection Points System

The selection of world and Olympic teams (and even the national teams) have gradually become more and more subjective over the last ten years to coincide with the evolving nature of international competition formats and rules, which highly favor event specialists and require a very strategic team dynamic. Could this proposed points system be a way for our selection procedures to return to the completely objective, score-based process we all miss? Check it out!

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