Some cool men’s p-bars routines from the Moscow World Cup!

Kim Jin Hyok Parallel Bars 2010 Moscow World Cup Event Finals

SWEET!  That skill is called a “Tanaka” and is rated an “F” in the code of points…one of the very few F’s you’ll see on this event.  The most common “F” we see on p-bars is probably a peach with a full turn, and a couple other less commonly seen ones are a full twisting double back dismount and a full twisting Belle.  Kim Jin Hyok actually won this event with an incredible 6.8, 15.5 score.  The next highest D-score was a 6.4 from his teammate, Kim Kyong Hak.  I actually thought Kim Jin Hyok had some construction errors…not holding the L-sit, the press handstand, or the swing handstand before the giant, for example, but maybe they hit him on those.  Overall, that had to be the coolest routine of the final and probably deserved the win.

Anton Fokin Parallel Bars 2010 Moscow World Cup Event Finals

Really nice looking routine…beautiful peach half, and HUGE front uprises!  I love seeing the double front dismount, as piked double backs are almost completely universal.  He placed 2nd in the final with a strong 6.2, 15.25.

Here’s a look at another unique skill done in this final…by two different guys with a slight variation:

Jose Lois Fuentes Parallel Bars 2010 Moscow World Cup Event Finals

Ignacio Losantos Parallel Bars 2010 Moscow World Cup Event Finals

Who would have thought we would start seeing so much originality on men’s p-bars of all events?  Perhaps Raj Bhavsar inspired the trend with his new skill he introduced last year…although these two skills ARE in the code.  I HAVE seen the Tippelt to front flip a couple of times, though’s it’s certainly rare.  It is a “D” in the code in both the tucked and piked position (piked looks much better).  Fuentes scored a 6.2, 14.775 for 5th place and Losantos scored a 6.0, 13.25 for 8th.

Here’s another cool skill that seems to really be catching on, and which you may have seen in Tim McNeill’s routine I already posted:

Yernar Yerimbetov Parallel Bars 2010 Moscow World Cup Event Finals

Oleksandr Yakubovskyi Parallel Bars 2010 Moscow World Cup Event Finals

I LOVE this skill!  I feel almost certain the back uprise to front flip must have been upgraded recently, because it is listed as a “D” in this code, and surely we would have seen this skill more often in the past had it always been rated that high.  That value would explain why THREE guys in this final used it (McNeill plus these two).  I think it looks really cool and flows really nicely into skills like a Healy.  It’s particularly nice to see some originality with upper arm skills…traditionally a somewhat monotonous requirement.

Overall I’m impressed with how this event is progressing…we’re seeing an incredible variety of skills, including support swinging skills, upper arm skills, release elements, giant and peach elements, and lots of originality.  I think the code is actually working quite well here.

More videos to come!