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Three American Stories To Follow From Jesolo Today

The women’s senior competition at the City of Jesolo Trophy Meet begins today.  With five legitimate U.S. Olympic contenders on the roster for this international event, this competition could easily [...]

Who Marta Should Have Sent To The Olympic Test Event…

Kyla Ross Sarah Finnegan   With the Olympic Test Event now serving as an additional Olympic qualifying competition for the first time ever, this year’s competition carries a whole new [...]

The Top 12 For 2012…U.S. Olympic Women’s Preview!

For the United States women, this Olympic cycle is beginning to feel a whole like the one exactly 12 years ago, when five members of the historic gold-medal winning U.S. [...]

The Numbers Might Surprise You: The Real USA Dream Team?

I’ve done enough venting about the women’s age restrictions over the last few years.  This year, instead of providing my opinions regarding how nonsensical these restrictions are, not to mention [...]

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