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American women dominate worlds qualifications…a gymnast-by-gymnast look

Here are some gymnast-by-gymnast observations of the American team in the qualifications…   Simone Biles. It was par for the course for the most dominant gymnast in the world for the past three years. Simone started her third world championships with one of the best floor routines she’s ever given – with her trademark soaring […]

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Women’s Finals…Post-Meet Thoughts

Just got back from the women’s finals and wanted to post some immediate thoughts… First I’d say that overall this was a much better meet than Day 1.  Although I wasn’t in the arena the first day, the sense I got was there was more positive energy in today’s finals and fewer overall falls.  The […]

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The Top 12 Contenders For the Women’s World Team….Is There A Dark Horse?

Six male and female gymnasts will be selected for the upcoming world championships to be held in Glasgow, Scotland Oct 23- Nov 2, 2015.  Tonight represents the final opportunity for the women’s contenders to prove themselves in major competition before the team is selected.  At this point in time, it looks like we have four […]

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5 Shockers From Women’s Day 1 at the U.S. Championships

1. Maggie Nichols Dazzles. We knew she was right in the mix after her extremely impressive performance at the recent Secret U.S. Classic, but would anyone have ever predicted this gymnast would be leading the two-time world all-around champion and THREE Olympic champions in the all-around after 3 events at the U.S. National Championships? I […]

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Gabby Douglas & Aly Raisman

They’re Back! Olympic Champions From London Launch Impressive Comebacks in Italy

by Andy Thornton Here were “7 Takeaways” from today’s team and all-around competition at the City of Jesolo Trophy meet, taking place in Italy this weekend:   1.  Simone Biles is still on top, but the field behind her just got deeper.  What was so cool about this meet – other than featuring the official […]

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A Week Later…Did The U.S. Selection Committees Get It Right?

It’s now been just over a week since our five-member U.S. Olympic teams were finally named at the Trials in San Jose.  I’m playing a bit of catch up this week and wanted to post my thoughts on the teams that ended up being selected.   I think the Men’s Selection Committee was spot on.  […]

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Women’s Prelim Wrap-Up…And My Current Five Olympians!

Two of the biggest question marks from the women’s competition are whether the falls from Kyla Ross (vault) and McKayla Maroney (bars and beam) will affect their Olympic chances.  The four-for-four performances from Wieber, Douglas, and Raisman simply secured these three even more firmly onto this team, but Ross and Maroney are slightly more tenuous. […]

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Could Finnegan Score The First 16 On Beam This Quadrennium?

To my knowledge, no gymnast has scored a 16 on beam since the 2008 Olympics – partly due to the fact that the number of “counting” elements for the women was reduced from 10 down to 8 after Beijing.  With two fewer skills to add points to the difficulty scores, it’s obviously harder to score […]

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The Elephant In The Room…Should Nastia Have Made Trials? And Other Competition Notes…

It turned out to be a nail-biter right to the end, and for a few seconds I really thought that Gabby Douglas might overtake the defending champion Jordyn Wieber on that last bar routine.  It was definitely one of the very best ones we’ve seen from Gabby – she connected the full spin to elgrip […]

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Huge Women's Day 1 Wrap-Up!

I had to rewatch last night’s women’s competition this morning before finalizing my thoughts on it.  There are so many great gymnasts with so many different strengths…and also so many things to consider as we attempt to put together this Olympic team.  Overall I thought it was an excellent meet – MILES better than last […]

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Women's London StockWatch…So Much Has Happened Since May!

Before the start of the women’s U.S. Championships in St. Louis this evening, I wanted to throw out my most up-to-date London StockWatch List, including all of the major moves since the recent U.S. Classic.  I’ve got some discussion on several of the Olympic contenders and some things to watch for in the competition below. […]

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Putting The London Puzzle Together…Secret U.S. Classic Wrap-Up

Competitions like this weekend’s U.S. Classic tend to stir up a lot of “dust.”  With so many top contenders competing on various selected events, yet several notable absences…and so many falls and nervous mistakes, yet plenty of very strong performances as well… we often find ourselves caught in a huge hazy mist at the end […]

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