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Shawn Johnson's Retirement…A Candid Reflection

If you’ve been following gymnastics closely over the past few months, Shawn Johnson’s retirement – officially announced yesterday – shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.  But at the [...]

The Top 12 For 2012…U.S. Olympic Women’s Preview!

For the United States women, this Olympic cycle is beginning to feel a whole like the one exactly 12 years ago, when five members of the historic gold-medal winning U.S. [...]

Did Shawn Raise The Bar At Pan Ams?

Some might call Shawn Johnson’s performance at the Pan American Games in Mexico this past weekend nothing to get excited about.  Watching the reigning Olympic balance beam champion fall twice [...]

Bross’ Ripple Effect…Now What?

The Americans were already scrounging for a third bar worker, and after Rebecca Bross’ untimely mishap, they’ll now be scrounging for two.  Before Bross’ injury, the six I had picked [...]

Top Five Stories To Watch In Chicago

There’s a whole lot to be revealed in the gymnastics world at this weekend’s Covergirl Classic in Chicago, which serves as the final qualifier to the Visa U.S. Championships in [...]

American Comebacks: Will Shawn Johnson and Paul Hamm Beat the Odds?

Shawn Johnson will most likely be making her official return to competitive gymnastics this summer, and there’s at least a chance that Paul Hamm will do the same.  We’ve seen [...]

Can Shawn Johnson really come back?

Shawn Johnson's comeback announcement has been the talk of the gymnastics world this week. While Shawn has always been compared to former U.S. and world all-around champion Kim Zmeskal, see how their comeback attempts make them even more similar than ever before. Can we use history to predict where Shawn's comeback might lead?

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