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Five Highlights From Event Finals Day 2!

Danell Leyva’s Golden Moment.  U.S. National Champion Danell Leyva hasn’t quite had the world championships he had dreamed of.  Although he did stand with his teammates on the world team [...]

Five Things To Watch In The Men’s All-Around Final

Can Kohei Make History?  Kohei Uchimura has won the last two world all-around crowns, and has the unique opportunity in this year’s competition to become the first gymnast in history [...]

From the Judge’s Chair: Marian Dragulescu!

I’ve decided I would like to periodically do some posts entitled “From the Judge’s Chair” in an effort to increase awareness about how some of the top routines in the world are being judged on both the men’s and women’s sides. My main focus will be on the D-Score (Difficulty Score), since that is certainly the most complex and the most difficult for even us seasoned fans to calculate in our heads

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